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Blue River Coatings EK100 is a two-component clear coat corrosion treatment system designed for long-term protection of coated substrates, specifically non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, and galvanizing), from oxidation and abrasion. EK100 was formulated for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Military applications but has multiple other uses.

Blue River Coatings Epoxy Primer EP-2015 is a two package epoxy system, which shows excellent physical properties. The formulation has non-hazardous air pollutants and a low VOC level of 0.82 lbs./gal. It offers superior adhesion to concrete and fiberglass, has superior performance properties (hardness,flexibility, abrasion, and chemical resistance). This primer can be readily top coated with a variety of top coats in two to four hours.

Blue River Coatings CRC100-H is a two-component inorganic corrosion resistant coating designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to protect metal substrates from corrosion and abrasion. If gouged or damaged, the coating will not experience creepage and is repairable. The product is designed to coat surfaces that require a hard, abrasive, and chemical resistant coating that can withstand temperatures of 1,800 degrees F. CRC100-H offers excellent durability and corrosion protection as well as being a low VOC and EPA compliant coating.

Blue River Coatings Conversion Coating is a water-based product that eliminates rust by accomplishing two functions at the same time. First, rust is converted to ferric iron, a black organic compound. Second, a coating of clear acrylic is formed over the coated area. The surface that remains after the transformation can be either left black or coated with Blue

River Coatings wide range of products for the desired outcome. Product tests have shown

that Blue River Conversion Coating has extended the life of equipment or products for several more years after probable replacement. Blue River Coatings Conversion Coating can be used on all rusted surfaces.

Blue River Coatings Elastomeric Roof Coating BRC-2100 is an elastomeric, high solids coating designed specifically for coating roofs and other surfaces requiring excellent water resistance, toughness and durability. BRC-2100 is easy to apply, with good "build-up", drying properties and adhesion characteristics.

Blue River Coatings POW’R Cleaner is a non-butyl, water soluble, liquid detergent, concentrated degreaser and general purpose cleaner. POW’R provides a triple effect for most cleaning situations. First, POW’R uses a combination of detergents that work synergistically to remove dirt and grime. Second, POW’R attacks both petroleum and food greases aggressively. Third, POW’R contains a powerful odor neutralizer that helps combat foul odors.

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