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Blue River Coatings Wood Primer is a high quality, single component primer, not requiring any catalyzing agent. Wood Primer offers good coverage, excellent durability, and ease of application, as well as being a low VOC and EPA compliant coating. Blue River Coatings Wood Primer has been tested and approved by the Window Door Manufacturer Association (WDMA).

Wood Stain

Blue River Coatings Wood Stain Concentrate is a water based stain developed to provide long lasting protection and a beautiful appearance on wood surfaces. Blue River Coatings Wood Stain Concentrate offers the advantages of deep penetrating pigments and excellent moisture repellency. The product dries quickly, therefore minimizing excessive grain raise. The product can be used as an interior or exterior stain.

Blue River Coatings Acrylic Sanding Sealer is a waterbased wood sealer to fill the grain.The product is designed to be a sandable self-sealing topcoat for wood. Acrylic Sanding Sealer offers superb application properties, low foam, good adhesion, and excellent sanding properties. Acrylic Sanding Sealer dries quickly (eliminating excessive grain raise on wood) and provides excellent sealing properties to help repel water. The product is designed to work in conjunction with Blue River Coatings Wood Stains and Topcoats.

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